Fighting for Piece
9:25 AM | Author: Jordan Barker
America has been fighting a war for hundreds of years. This war, no matter how many reinforcements, is never over. The casualty count is unknown, and the spread of this war has hit every inch of this great land. No, this is not the war on terror, the war on zombies, or even the war against fast food chains never using the first drive through window. This war is on hunger. There is no figurehead on this Earth who is equipped to fight this battle more so than “The Colonel.” Colonel Sanders of Kentucky Fried Chicken has been elected by the original-recipe-craving-population of America to lead the charge against hunger. The reason the Colonel is able to fight this war is by his never ending arsenal of fried (and now grilled) deliciousness. Colonel Sanders is backed by Kentucky Fried Chicken. The Colonel and KFC are now inseparable because as the KFC's pop up in every area from Compton to Brooklyn, the soul of the Colonel pops up right with it.

The first time anyone has ever walked through the grease-stained doors of a Kentucky Fried Chicken he or she is greeted by the red and white colors of Colonel Sanders. The first time anyone orders a piece of chicken they are asked, “Original recipe or crispy?” The colonel's faithful rarely allow for the employee to finish the first syllable of his or her interrogative. The customer's brain is rushed with thoughts of Colonel Sanders dressed in white, with his crisp black tie and hands wrapped around a bucket of his perfected chicken. That image has fueled millions of American's to ask for an extra piece not only at the counter, but even in the drive thru causing countless checks under the seat for the loose change required to purchase the surprise piece that was added at the last second. These extra pieces are acquired so often because of the widespread power the Colonel has over the public. Whether it's one piece of Chicken or an order of Mac-n-Cheese, the presence of the Colonel in the mind of a consumer ordering inside or outside a KFC will force one more piece to be printed on the receipt. Each of those extra pieces are votes, all of which will be tallied to support KFC and the Colonel in the fight against hunger.

The Colonel and KFC are fighting the war on hunger on every front possible, and they couldn't achieve this goal if they weren't fighting together. The paired duo of KFC and it's leader has locations in Washington, PA; Washington, DC; Seattle, Washington; and countless places elsewhere. These places keep expanding their range because America has an unrelenting faith in the Colonel. We as American's understand that the Colonel will pull us through our hunger trials and allow us to come out on top and full of high-calorie soul food. We also understand that as long as the KFC is associated with Sanders our hunger will be defeated. The attachment of Sanders and KFC is key because they each help the public believe in each other. We believe in KFC because of Sanders and we believe in Sanders because of KFC. When we sit down and wait patiently for our 3 digit order number to be called by the only person between the public and the chicken, we know that as every second passes the Colonel is taking care of us. The Colonel makes sure you leave his establishment with a happy stomach filled with chicken, and a heart flowing with cholesterol.

The Colonel's reach doesn't stop at KFC, and even so, the pairing of KFC and the Colonel is unmatched. When the consumer leaves those doors of a KFC and is thrust back into the world of capitalism, the consumer is faced with even more food decisions. To make sure that the consumer always picks KFC and the Colonel, they have formed alliances with Taco Bell, Long John Silvers, and even Pizza Hut. These establishments do not have a figurehead like Colonel Sanders, and that is the reason they must join forces with KFC. The Taco Bell Chihuahua has long been sent to back to the land of Border Sauces with no witty anecdotes. Long John has been forced to walk the plank. And Pizza Hut Pete has expired before anyone knew he existed. The fact that the binding of Colonel/KFC still stands strong through the coalition of new partners just solidifies how substantial it really is.

To understand KFC and the bond between its leader, one must first understand the Colonel. Colonel Sanders illustrates every one of his most productive traits through Kentucky Fried Chicken. His strength is showcased through the handle KFC has over the fried chicken market. His knowledge is revealed by the enticing and massive menu that is displayed behind lights at each and every KFC. His passion is shown in the taste of KFC's chicken. Each bite that is crunched, every layer that is digested, and all the crumbs that are scooped from an empty bucket are evidence that the Colonel cared exponentially about his chicken. Without that level of caring, the American public would not have faith in KFC. Thankfully, Colonel Sanders and KFC are forever grouped as one.

The Colonel has enlisted millions of KFC's to fight in the war on hunger. Thankfully, they are all doing a successful job, and their success can be attributed to the connection those restaurants have with the Colonel. This attachment has caused a craving of the masses for the glorious entity that is original recipe chicken from KFC. Americans know who they can turn to, and even more importantly Americans know exactly how to get to him. The public trusts in the Colonel and therefore trusts in KFC in the battle against empty stomachs. And by the guidance of the Colonel we will all fight. We will all fight for a piece.

What's the best partner of Kentucky Fried Chicken?

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